Our top 5 List of TV series to download

Lexx is a TV show about the huge living spaceship called Lexx which travel through the universe. Resembling a giant dragonfly, it is a powerful weapon which is capable of destroying the planet and eating the leftovers.Lexx series

The crew consists of three men and a head of the robot of 790 model. Captain Stan Lexx Tweedle is a simple guard in the past. He is a pathetic, cowardly and worthless person subjected to a variety of defects who accidentally takes possession of the vehicle. He is in love with Zev, but a woman feels nothing except for disgust. Kai is a brutal handsome, ruthless and merciless killer, the representative of an extinct race of warriors. While being in captivity, he was turned into the living dead who has no feelings and emotions. If you are willing to download tv series for free, check the telly series website.  For two thousand years he has been killin the enemies of the new owner before he turned out to be on the Lexx. Zev Bellringer is a previously thick, quarrelsome and frigid woman who is turned into a charming priestess of love, human with the genes of alien lizards. Sentenced to work in the brothel, she managed to escape on the Lexx. She is hopelessly in love with Kai, but the dead is not able to love. 790 is the robot’s head, who participated in the transformation of Zev. As a result of her escape, it loses rest of the body. Crash causes being in love with Zev. The team travels from planet to planet, hiding from pursuers and hoping to find a new home.

How Not to Live Your Life is a comedy series which has gained popularity among connoisseurs of the fine English humor. How Not to Live Your Life series
The major hero is not a very lucky guy named Don who because of stupidity or bad luck gets into troubles. It seems that he gets finally lucky. He gets the inheritance after the death of her grandmother. He gets the big house. However, there is one detail as together with the house he receives huge debts and news about a strange man named Eddie who was a nurse of the grandmother. Don does not give up and finds the way to make money to pay off debts by giving the room to his old friend Abby. Despite the chronic bad luck, Don manages to pull together. Lack of regular employment does not prevent him from odd jobs and the absence of a girlfriend is compensated by fleeting adventures for one night. Staying under one roof with a nice, but very gullible Abby, Don falls in love with her, but meets an obstacle in the form of her boyfriend Carl. Receiving no reciprocity from the Abby, Don still hopes to seduce her. In all cases, Eddy helps Don and becomes silent and unquestioning executor of his will with often causing more harm than good.

Fleming is a TV show the plot of which tells about the young years of life of the world-famous writer Ian Fleming, who has written a series of best-selling novels about the superspy James Bond. There is hardly a person who has not watched this movie or read a book about the adventures of Agent 007 at least once in life. However, only few people know that during the Second World War, its creator has been the agent of the British intelligence. Fleming
The story begins in the late 30-ies of the last century, when there has been growing the voltage of pre-war crisis in the country. While being very young Ian is at the crossroads and can’t choose the way which he should follow throughout his life. Already then he decides for himself what he wants to do things that will help him always to be in close contact with the public. Nobody knows what would have been with Fleming, if not subject of attention of Naval Intelligence Admiral John Godfrey. From that moment, there starts totally new stage in the life of a talented writer which will undoubtedly impact on the formation of his personality.