Recovery Road season 1

Recovery Road is a story about a schoolgirl Maddie who is one of those who believe that life is too boring and short to waste it by sitting at home. Therefore, her life is total club hangouts with incendiary dances, nitrous alcohol and intoxicating drugs to which she was addicted, absolutely not thinking about the consequences. Over time, she has become addicted to alcohol, but she, like many alcoholics, absolutely do not recognize that, until one day a school psychologist finds a bottle from the water with vodka in her closet.

Before the high school girl despite her good performance in school, there is a real threat and her mother is called to the school. Cynthia, a school psychologist, offers a student two options: either she informs about the incident director and Maddie is ignominiously expelled, or she is sent to treat her alcohol addiction in the nearest rehabilitation center for adults, because there are no the same centers for teenagers nearby.

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Without giving a girl who completely denies her addiction, to think well, the mother gives consent for the daughter to go for three-month rehabilitation with the possibility of attending school. Our heroine is very frightened. That is why she aggressively reacts to everything and goes to the rehabilitation center completely unaware what expects for her there.