American Crime Story season 1

American Crime Story is a crime series anthology based on the true story. It tells us about the most high-profile court cases in the history of modern America, showing how various trials looked through the eyes of lawyers. The viewers will see all the details of the judicial cuisine starting from perseverance in the search for clues and evidence of the prosecution and ending with subtle cunning manipulations of the protection which tries to find loopholes in the law in order to justify the client.

american crime story 1
The first season will tell us about the sensational case called “The People vs. Simpson” which has left imprint in the history of California as the longest trial which lasted about nine months. There is a murder taking place in the town of Brentwood.

The victims are Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. After some time, OJ Simpson, the famous football player, who also starred in several films, is being charged on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife and her friend. While self-confident prosecutors receive irrefutable evidences and do not doubt in the victory, lawyers defending the accused find all necessary tools of the judicial system giving a chance for salvation.