And Then There Were None season 1

And Then There Were None is a detective thriller filmed by order of the famous British television channel BBC One based on the best-selling works of the world famous British writer Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians”.

This project can be called one of the best mini-series in 2015 as it has not only brilliant cast, but the great design of the plot. And Then There Were None
The action takes place in the distant 1939 in England.And Then There Were None poster

A group of ten very different in origin and character people received an invitation to visit the Soldier’s island located not far from the coast of Devon. They are invited to his estate by some mysterious couple. Arriving at the posh house, the guests unexpectedly find no owners there, but it does not bother them, and they decide to start dinner without them.

At first glance it may seem that all the guests gathered here are decent people, but in fact each of them hides terrible secrets of the past which they would not like to show. They talk, make fun of each other and yet do not even know what to expect.

Soon, the idyll is violated by the terrible news that one of the guests is dead. After the incident, all participants of the event suddenly begin to realize that their lives are in danger and there is no place to wait for help, because they are on a secluded island cut off from civilization.