Outsiders season 1, 2

Outsiders is a TV show the action of which takes place at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, where in the impassable and covered by the countless mysteries forests for more than two enturies there lives a mysterious clan of the Farrells.

outsiders series downloadWhile living by their own fair and for a common person wild laws, honoring the age-old traditions and being proud of complete freedom and independence, these rogues have their own private life while only going occasionally to the civilized world which is represented by the small settlement on the edge of the forest. While guarding their territory from the strangers, the Farrels are trying not to get into serious conflicts with the inhabitants while observing in such a way some kind of neutrality which is quite beneficial for the locals who in some way are afraid of and dislike the savages.

Once, there appears a representative of a large industrial company who notifies the local authorities about the fact that the territory at the foot of the mountain already belongs to them.

The only thing that hinders them from starting the full-scale work is absence of desire to leave the native forests as well as starting constructing negotiations. The Farrell’s, while clearly realizing that in pursuit of billions the strangers will stop at nothing, are not going to accept their fate. The huge family is going to fight for its existence and protect its home in any possible way.

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