Baskets is a series which tells about the life of Chip Basket, the usual loser who is trying to become a professional clown.
After going to Paris, our hero tries to get into the prestigious theatrical institution, but unknowing of the language leads to the fact that it fails miserably. Financial difficulties which spoiled already bad relationships with the girl force Chip to leave Paris and return to his native provincial town of Bakersfield.

baskets poster However, when he arrives back home while still not losing the hope, it turns out that things are going not in the best way. Sitting on a low-paying job, he, instead of the expected support, constantly suffers criticism of mother who compares him with the successful twin brother Dale.

The only person who is genuinely sympathizing the unfortunate comedian is the insurance agent and companion Martha, but her kindness makes Chip feel even greater depression, finally convincing of his own helplessness. Going to the memories, struggling with oppressive consequences of past mistakes which are manifested in the form of depression and nervous breakdowns, our hero hopes that everything is going to be great one way or another.

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