11/22/63 is a TV show in which it goes about the English teacher named Jake Epping who finds out from his friend, El Templeton who insisted on an immediate meeting, that in the back room of his snack bar there is a portal to the past.11.22.63 poster

Jake, while listening to the voice of common sense, refuses to believe in the incredible words of his friend, but he forces our hero to make a short trip. The fact is that El has already been in the past and has been able to find several rules associated with the portal. It carries a person to the past always in one and the same time; no matter how much time the traveler spends in the past, in the present any journey takes a few minutes.11.22.63 poster

One can easily change the past and the consequences of these changes can significantly affect the present; the more there will be changes, the harder it will be to make them. El asks Jake to go back in time and prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, evaluating and neutralizing a person or group of people responsible for that because he could not cope with this task.

Thus, our hero gets to America of the 1960s, but before proceeding to carry out the mission, Jake decides to try to help one of his students who wrote a dramatic essay on the topic “The Day That Changed My Life.”

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