And Then There Were None season 1

And Then There Were None is a detective thriller filmed by order of the famous British television channel BBC One based on the best-selling works of the world famous British writer Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians”.

This project can be called one of the best mini-series in 2015 as it has not only brilliant cast, but the great design of the plot. And Then There Were None
The action takes place in the distant 1939 in England.And Then There Were None poster

A group of ten very different in origin and character people received an invitation to visit the Soldier’s island located not far from the coast of Devon. They are invited to his estate by some mysterious couple. Arriving at the posh house, the guests unexpectedly find no owners there, but it does not bother them, and they decide to start dinner without them.

At first glance it may seem that all the guests gathered here are decent people, but in fact each of them hides terrible secrets of the past which they would not like to show. They talk, make fun of each other and yet do not even know what to expect.

Soon, the idyll is violated by the terrible news that one of the guests is dead. After the incident, all participants of the event suddenly begin to realize that their lives are in danger and there is no place to wait for help, because they are on a secluded island cut off from civilization. (more…)

Recovery Road season 1

recovery road downloadRecovery Road is a story about a schoolgirl Maddie who is one of those who believe that life is too boring and short to waste it by sitting at home. Therefore, her life is total club hangouts with incendiary dances, nitrous alcohol and intoxicating drugs to which she was addicted, absolutely not thinking about the consequences. Over time, she has become addicted to alcohol, but she, like many alcoholics, absolutely do not recognize that, until one day a school psychologist finds a bottle from the water with vodka in her closet.

Before the high school girl despite her good performance in school, there is a real threat and her mother is called to the school. Cynthia, a school psychologist, offers a student two options: either she informs about the incident director and Maddie is ignominiously expelled, or she is sent to treat her alcohol addiction in the nearest rehabilitation center for adults, because there are no the same centers for teenagers nearby.

recovery road season 1 download

Without giving a girl who completely denies her addiction, to think well, the mother gives consent for the daughter to go for three-month rehabilitation with the possibility of attending school. Our heroine is very frightened. That is why she aggressively reacts to everything and goes to the rehabilitation center completely unaware what expects for her there.


MasterchefMasterchef is a television cooking show which first appeared on the TV screens in 2010 and quickly became popular not only in the United States, but also in many other countries.

The plot of each series is a competition among the cooks, which is open to absolutely everyone who wants to show the culinary capabilities.

Here, the most famous British chef Gordon Ramsay, who had been leading such popular projects as “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares on” is the major judge in this show. Each time the participants are competing according to the same rules: they must prepare a dish for one hour, while having all necessary equipment and products.

Often there are real battles between the participants of the show and there is nothing surprising, because a very solid cash prize of a quarter of a million dollars is at the stake. That’s not all as each winner receives the opportunity to release his/her own book, as well as receive the title of the best chef of America.


11/22/63 is a TV show in which it goes about the English teacher named Jake Epping who finds out from his friend, El Templeton who insisted on an immediate meeting, that in the back room of his snack bar there is a portal to the past.11.22.63 poster

Jake, while listening to the voice of common sense, refuses to believe in the incredible words of his friend, but he forces our hero to make a short trip. The fact is that El has already been in the past and has been able to find several rules associated with the portal. It carries a person to the past always in one and the same time; no matter how much time the traveler spends in the past, in the present any journey takes a few minutes.11.22.63 poster

One can easily change the past and the consequences of these changes can significantly affect the present; the more there will be changes, the harder it will be to make them. El asks Jake to go back in time and prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, evaluating and neutralizing a person or group of people responsible for that because he could not cope with this task.

Thus, our hero gets to America of the 1960s, but before proceeding to carry out the mission, Jake decides to try to help one of his students who wrote a dramatic essay on the topic “The Day That Changed My Life.” (more…)

Outsiders season 1, 2

Outsiders is a TV show the action of which takes place at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, where in the impassable and covered by the countless mysteries forests for more than two enturies there lives a mysterious clan of the Farrells.

outsiders series downloadWhile living by their own fair and for a common person wild laws, honoring the age-old traditions and being proud of complete freedom and independence, these rogues have their own private life while only going occasionally to the civilized world which is represented by the small settlement on the edge of the forest. While guarding their territory from the strangers, the Farrels are trying not to get into serious conflicts with the inhabitants while observing in such a way some kind of neutrality which is quite beneficial for the locals who in some way are afraid of and dislike the savages.

Once, there appears a representative of a large industrial company who notifies the local authorities about the fact that the territory at the foot of the mountain already belongs to them.

The only thing that hinders them from starting the full-scale work is absence of desire to leave the native forests as well as starting constructing negotiations. The Farrell’s, while clearly realizing that in pursuit of billions the strangers will stop at nothing, are not going to accept their fate. The huge family is going to fight for its existence and protect its home in any possible way. (more…)


Baskets is a series which tells about the life of Chip Basket, the usual loser who is trying to become a professional clown.
After going to Paris, our hero tries to get into the prestigious theatrical institution, but unknowing of the language leads to the fact that it fails miserably. Financial difficulties which spoiled already bad relationships with the girl force Chip to leave Paris and return to his native provincial town of Bakersfield.

baskets poster However, when he arrives back home while still not losing the hope, it turns out that things are going not in the best way. Sitting on a low-paying job, he, instead of the expected support, constantly suffers criticism of mother who compares him with the successful twin brother Dale.

The only person who is genuinely sympathizing the unfortunate comedian is the insurance agent and companion Martha, but her kindness makes Chip feel even greater depression, finally convincing of his own helplessness. Going to the memories, struggling with oppressive consequences of past mistakes which are manifested in the form of depression and nervous breakdowns, our hero hopes that everything is going to be great one way or another. (more…)